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5 POWERFUL ANTI AGING INGREDIENTS IN ONE JAR: Andre Lorent Anti-Aging Face Creme is formulated with 5 active ingredients that fight wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin: Matrixyl, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & Vitamin E. The results on your skin are fantastic! You would normally have to purchase multiple creams...
World's most powerful facial Deep pore cleaning 100% Natural calcium bentonite clay Does not contain: additives, fragrances, animal products
DETOXIFYING & DEEP CLEANSING ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - charcoal is a naturally purifying agent that deep cleans - freeing pores and skin from dirt, oil, and makeup making it a great skincare product for acne control, eczema, rosacea, blemishes and blackheads POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT INGREDIENTS - coconut, sunflower, & olive oils, soothing...
USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC & MADE IN CANADA: Only natural and organic ingredients are used in a very potent formulation to manufacture this fantastic serum. This formula uses all natural ingredients from organic sources coming from the Amazon Rainforest ( Peru and Brazil), and tropical India. The highest grade of Vitamin...